tisdag 14 juni 2011

Your underwater breath

The knowledge I am seeking
cannot be found in books,
cannot be written,
cannot be thought
without turning thought inside out
to reveal the gossamer thread of its underpinning –
nothing but air.

So where shall I find such knowledge?
You find it in the water, I know.
Can I find it there, too?

I wonder.
I want to say
“take this body I won’t need it”
but who am I fooling?

In these cells 
is wisdom
or at least
something ancient,
tried and true
and without it where would I be?

perhaps I should ignite it
with your help

and see what I can see
in the blaze of its demolition.

The knowledge I am seeking
has been here forever,
but invisible to those who seek it.

Seek it I shall not.
Feel it in your underwater breath 
blowing through my heart
I shall.

- Joe Landwehr

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